Burnt Offering (Raw Audio) | Nick Russo

Hey friends! Here is a raw audio version of a song recorded on a voice memo that mostly began spontaneously during a prayer meeting that I wanted to share with you. It’s about loving Jesus through the pain. Let me know if you guys enjoy these raw audio versions!


I will choose to keep on crying

I will choose to keep on dying

That I might live with You

That I might reap a harvest of joy


Because one day

You will wipe every tear away

There will be no more time to die

No more reason to cry

Because one day

You will wipe every tear away

There will be no more suffering

No more pain in the offering


So here is my offering


In my short time under the sun

I can chase the wind or I can choose to love You

To the end

After all the fire and sacrifice

I can take the gold of a tested life and Give it all to You


A genuine faith

A fragrant oil

I won’t give You that which costs me nothing

So here is my offering

Here is my offering

Written By: Nick Russo

© 2021 Revival Forge

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As Long As I Have Jesus (LIVE) | Nick Russo

Here is a live piano version of song written several years ago that really helped me find joy and peace in the Lord during a difficult season of life. I hope it blesses you!


There is only One so true His love it never moves

He is my Rock and my Refuge

Faithful as the morning sun To Him I can always run

His mercy has never tasted so new


When I walk through the fire and the shadow

I must be still long enough to know

Great is His faithfulness, for He is with me to the end

The Rightful Heir of all my hope


No good thing will He withhold from those who walk with Him

I will keep passing through this world is not my home

Though none come with me, still I will go


They can take all their fortune and all their fame

All the empty pleasures and worthless gains

Mock me, despise me, hit me with everything

Still I will be blessing His name, Still I will be blessing His name


As long as I have Jesus I have everything (Repeat)


I know His mercies will rise with the dawning light This living hope has never been so bright

All flesh is grass soon the pain will pass

I’m calling on His Name I’m running to His Name

Written By: Nick Russo

© 2012 Revival Forge

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