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Trying to tell people about myself in just a few short paragraphs has always been very difficult for me because in my eyes, life is so much more than a well-written resumé of titles and accomplishments. Life is about the journey. It is a matter of the heart and who you are becoming in the process. People have always asked me since I was a child, “What is your dream? What is your calling? What will you do with your life?” These were the types of questions that put me on a quest of self-discovery that would ultimately lead me to a place where I began to ask the questions differently: “Lord, what is YOUR dream? Who are YOU calling me to be? What will YOU do with my life?”

Since the day Jesus won my heart in August 2007, He began to uncage new desires in me. I was different. I was changed. I was set on fire. I said yes to His invitation, and now my greatest longings have begun to shift from revolving around me to revolving around Him. I want to love Him, to become all He made me to be, to know Him and to lay down my life helping others come to know Him. I desire to be more than just another echo of pop culture or an opinionated critic, but a voice crying out and a shepherd according to God’s own heart. I yearn for revival, and my burden is for people—those who don’t yet know Him and for the Church, the Bride of Christ, that she would be made ready for the wedding day to come. That Jesus would receive the full reward of His suffering.

Today, I am the blessed husband of Jennifer Marie Russo, and father of Jeremiah, Melody, Josiah and Jubilee. It is my joy to love them, lead them and serve them. Since my college years, I have been honored to serve the Church in various capacities while helping to operate a family business. I have had many accomplishments and failures, but these are merely the outter workings of a growing heart. They are the overflow of His grace, and I want to be faithful with what He has put in my hands and in my heart for the rest of my earthly days.

We have primarily supported our ministry over the years by running a family business and working separate jobs, but we are trusting that as God leads us, He will put it in the hearts of certain individuals, businesses and ministries to partner with us in an ongoing way, which would enable us to focus our time and energy on the missions work, projects and assignments He has put in our hearts to do, which includes: building the house of prayer in our region by serving and establishing prayer rooms within the local church, producing creative resources (writings, music, videos, online courses, etc), equipping and training laborers (worship leaders, singers, musicians, intercessors, and messengers) through our schools, and launching innovative projects to see people encounter Jesus.

By subscribing to this website, we hope to give you the opportunity to stay connected with our family and what God is doing through our ministry work, as well as encourage you with helpful resources.

Until He Returns,

Nick J. Russo and Family

I will not give sleep to my eyes Or slumber to my eyelids, Until I find a place for the Lord, A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.  (Ps. 132:4-5)

He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled. He must increase, but I must decrease. (Jn. 3:29-30)

Nick is currently on staff at Venture Church in Burnet, TX , where he has served since 2008. This is where he and his wife regulary lead worship, teach discipleship classes and engage in various ministry projects. He oversees the Venture Prayer Room and helps lead worship regionally at places such as Heart of Texas House of Prayer

He leads many discipleship initiatives, teaches music classes, and is looking to launch more innovative ministry training opportunities centered around the prayer room, dedicated to equipping cohorts of young prayer and missions-minded leaders, singers and musicians to stand in the counsel of the Lord, to hear His Word and to go out into the harvest fields of our generation and make Him known.

He is the author of the book Wage Good Warfarewhich is a compilation of articles written to encourage and exhort the Church in 21st Century America. It is a war cry for Christian leaders and laborers to know who we are and where this is going, so that we can wage good warfare and overcome on the battlefield ahead.


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