Tent of David Internship

The School of the FireKeeper has organized a unique forty-day ministry internship designed to challenge and equip spiritually hungry young adults to live a life of prayer and outreach. We want to mobilize and train “intercessory missionaries” – worship leaders, singers and musicians –  as dedicated intercessors and anointed proclaimers of the kingdom, who will be sent out to serve, unite, strengthen and awaken the Body of Christ. This internship is unique because the central training component is a prayer room. For forty-days, leaders and interns will join together to keep charge of a “tent” filled with unceasing worship and intercession similar to the Tabernacle of David. Interns will go from encountering God in the prayer room, to being equipped with His Word in the class room, to encouraging one another in a living room, to engaging in His works in no room. As the current movements of prayer, worship and missions converge, we want to fuel the fire by forging and releasing revivalist laborers who are prepared to move with God in the power of the Holy Spirit and fulfill His purposes for such a time as this. While being filled with the Word of God, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, contending in intercession, growing in community and faithfully giving ourselves to outreach and service, we hope to see each intern set ablaze with the love of God and marked as a voice like John the Baptist was to his generation. These interns will help build and fuel an intercessory missionary team that will work in relationship with the large Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission and restore a culture of prayer in the Church.

Our Purpose for this internship is to equip, train and send forth intercessory missionaries from the furnace of encounter, consecration, and community to build the house of prayer, serve the church, proclaim the kingdom, and do works of justice; contending for the fire that was once lit upon the heart of the early church to be fanned into flame and kept burning until Christ returns.

Why do this internship?

This internship was birthed and built around the vow of King David in Psalm 132 who said, “I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, until I find a place for the LORD, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob” (v. 4-5). It is our simple yearning to gather and grow with a small company of young adults who are hungry for God and long to make Him a home on earth as it is in heaven. Whether you come to get equipped as a young minister, you are longing to go deeper in God, or if you need to take a season to be refreshed and refocused before heading to college or the market place, we believe there is great wisdom in doing this internship.

We will live as simple disciples who burn together in prayer, grow together in the Word as a spiritual family, and shine together in works of justice, compassion, and evangelism. We aspire to be an apostolic band of believers much like the early church (Acts 2:42-47) who continued on together with gladness and simplicity of heart, keeping their eyes single on Jesus. In laying down our lives together during the course of this internship, our hope is that it would become an infectious way of life for each participant and thus spread with them throughout the Body of Christ in America. This nation doesn’t need another program. This nation needs men and women on fire with the presence of God who will turn hearts back to Him. We are believing for these interns to carry a weather pattern of revival with them wherever they go that would prepare the planet for the return of its King.

We pray that this short ministry internship would be so much more than a season of theological or musical training, but that it would become a wilderness season for many to encounter God, learn to hear His voice, develop life-long friendships, and be sent as messengers to impact their sphere of influence with the Kingdom of heaven. We are longing to see the Church return to the ancient paths of discipleship, to a time when giving up everything to follow Christ was the norm. We are convinced that when we see the Bride radically commit to God and one another, we will see her become radiant with His power and glory. 

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