Forge 23


Forge 23 is producing content that helps turn hearts to Jesus and equip revivalists for an end-time harvest.

We are crafting online resources for ordinary everyday missionaries. We are working to strengthen the Church by building a toolshed of equipment that empowers Christian devotion, discipleship and diligence to fulfill the mission of Christ across all spheres of influence.

We are praying and believing that the Lord of the harvest would send forth a fresh wave of laborers who will be equipped to do the work of ministry wherever they are sent. Those who work a day job, raise children, run a business, yet seek to expand the kingdom of God. We hope to come alongside His Church in this hour, using our music and media content to reinforce believers to complete the mission He gave us.


  • On-Demand Video Courses, Tutorials and Teaching Notes
  • Podcasts and Sermon Videos
  • Devotionals (with limited edition music / Colossians 3:16)
  • Writings (articles, ebooks, audiobooks and more)
  • Music (raw, acoustic, orignals, spontaneous moments, videos)
  • Free Content + Subscriber Exclusive Content + Store

*Donations and purchases will support ministry and missionary works in the name of Jesus